Waiting for Environment-Friendly Printer

Written By Kom sepuls on Friday, March 11, 2011 | 7:20 AM

exhibition of information technology (IT) which claimed the largest in Indonesia, even in Southeast Asia, was opened. Various manufacturers also offer a variety of IT areas best products and superior. Fuji Xerox Printer Channel too, through two distributors, PT Astragraphia and PT Harrisma, do not miss following the exhibition.

However, Country Sales Manager for Fuji Xerox Indonesia, Teddy Susanto in Jakarta on Wednesday, ensuring the printer company's superior product can not be displayed on the exhibition. In fact, it does not mean Fuji Xerox Printer Channel has no new products that can be seeded.

However, as stated General Manager of Fuji Xerox Printers Channel Asean, Vincent Sim in Yokohama, Japan, last week, their superior products, a printer and toner (ink) will be launched later this year.

However, last week in front of journalists from Asia and the Pacific, including Indonesia, President Tadahito Yamamoto, Fuji Xerox and Fuji Xerox Printer Channel President James Henderson has been introduced, their new superior product, that is technology-based printers Selfscanning Light Emitting Device (SLED ) and EA-Eco Toner. SLED-based printer is the development of LED-based printers that have been developed for high-end product since late 2007.

James admits, Fuji Xerox is not the first to develop a printer with LED base. However, for technology-enabled printer with SLED, they are the first. In fact, at the end of the year, SLED-based printers will be produced also for the low end, so the market can be more widely, including to the interests of families and small businesses. Not limited to the industry, which has been the market for high-end printers.

SLED-based printer is seeded, not simply because the shape is more compact than its predecessor-based LEDs, but also because it is more efficient in electrical energy consumption and no noise. Her voice is more subtle. The components of this printer also uses materials that can be recycled, so very environmentally friendly.

Printer-friendly environment even this combined with new toner, which are also environmentally friendly. Fuji Xerox in Yokohama also introduced a new toner, which is claimed to lower carbon emissions compared to conventional toner, pulverized toner.

From this review, a joint venture of Japan and the United States, for use in manufacturing, carbon emissions from the EA-Eco Toner 35 percent lower than conventional toner. The level of use was 24 percent lower than the pulverized toner. If the EA-Eco toner used in the print, which release carbon emissions about 25 percent lower than conventional toner.

EA-Eco Toner indeed would be the right partner for SLED-based printer, especially if consumers really care about the environment. However, according to James, it does not mean Fuji Xerox will leave long-tech printers, such as laser printers that have been developed. Old printer was still being produced, because obligatory to provide choices for consumers. Let consumers choose according to your needs and abilities.

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