Piezoelectric, heart Printer

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LPs memorable stay. He became a historical heritage  as a technology of the earliest  applications  piezoelectric  phenomenon  physicists  finding  French  brothers, namely Pierre Curie and Jacques Curie, in 1880.

Over the last 20 years, Japanese companies juggle Epson piezoelectric phenomenon is not just for the development of audio technology. Epson use it for product development printing machines (printers), electronic.

Piezoelectric phenomenon electricity generated from solid quartz and crystal material is pressed and withdrawn. Conversely, if voltage power is applied, these two solid material will vibrate.

"Epson deployed 80 experts to develop a printer with a piezoelectric concentration since 1990. Was first produced Stylus 800 inkjet printer products in 1993, "said the Epson President Minoru Usui, Wednesday (11/24/2010), on top of the 20th anniversary of Micro Piezo applications in Suwa, Japan.

Micro Piezo is a trademark of Epson for piezoelectric applications in printing machines. On the 20th anniversary summit, Epson invite journalists from several Asian countries, including Indonesia.

For the people of Indonesia, once known familiarly Epson products once on the dot matrix printing. One of the most successful types in the Indonesian market is LX-300.

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Piezoelectric, heart Printer

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Piezoelectric, heart Printer

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