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Printers DocuPrint CP105b/DOcuPrint CP205 won awards from the Indonesian Record Museum (MURI) as the world's smallest laser printer. Conferment of the award was handed over by the boss MURI Jaya Suprana interrupted the launch of five new printer Fuji Xerox

The award was accepted by Teddy Susanto, Country Sales Manager for Fuji Xerox Printers Indonesian Channel and Vincent Sim, General Manager of Fuji Xerox Printers ASEAN Channel. DocuPrint CP105b is the smallest color laser printer with dimensions 394x304x234 mm. Jaya said the size of laser printers in the past nothing is as small as DocuPrint CP105b/DocuPrint CP205.

"The Age of first laser printer that does not segede (DocuPrint CP105b/DocuPrint CP205). I remember the first time to buy (laser printers) segede car," said Jaya Suprana. Both printers were an answer to users who do not have space large enough to be able to get the product compact color laser printer.

Teddy said the success they create the smallest color laser printer is a high proof of Fuji Xerox's commitment to consumer homeland.

"Fuji Xerox is to understand the market demands ever increasing and dynamic today. With the success we introduced the smallest color laser printer is a high menjai evidence Fuji Xerox's commitment to the market in Indonesia as well as an effort to continually provide solutions to the needs of users who want a better product efficient and flexible, "said Teddy.

Both printers that have a "printhead" tech SLED (self-scanning light-emitting device) that can provide color prints with a resolution of 1200x1400 dpi.

DocuPrint CP105b/DocuPrint CP205 is also equipped with environmentally friendly because EA (Emulsion Aggregation) - Eco toner can lower energy consumption by 20 percent. And reduce Co2 emissions generated by 35 percent compared to the previous types of toner.

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